Interview with Jeffrey Puryear, senior fellow and former vice-president for social policy at the Inter-American Dialogue (by Carmen Garcia Guadilla)

(The original Spanish version was posted on this Blog on February 16th)

Jeffrey Puryear is a specialist on Latin America who is recognized throughout the region for his work over several decades in the social sciences and education. This interview traces his path from a rural school outside a small town in the United States to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. His appetite for excellence, intellectual challenges and taking advantage of every opportunity that has appeared in his student and professional career is stimulating. Also noteworthy are his sense of professional responsibility and his ability to promote international cooperation and understanding. His support for the development of the social sciences in times of dictatorship, and for democratic transition in several countries is laudable, along with his dedication, over several decades, to promoting public policies that improve the quality of education in Latin America.

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